11+ Memorial Day Poems 2024 – Prayers, Poetry, Speeches, Essay For Church Bulletins Kids

Memorial Day Poems: Memorial Day is observed in memory of the soldier who lost their lives in the civil war in the 19th century. So United States Of America decided to follow Memorial Day 2024 on behalf of the soldiers who worked in the US Army. This is article is about Happy Memorial Day Poems, Prayers, Poetry, Speeches, Essay and Quotes For Church Bulletins And Kids to Sing in school. Famous Memorial Day Poetry and Memorial Day Speeches along with prayers are used in public places like the Church and schools. In 1868, the observation date of HappyMemorial Day was decided every 27th day of May. Later it was changed to the last Monday of May. Now, below get the best Memorial Day Poems, Memorial Day Prayers, and Memorial Day Poetry.

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Memorial Day Poems Prayers Poetry For Kids, Veterans

Memorial Day Poems Prayers Poetry: Some writers have written about Memorial Day observation and its significance in their poems. People also like to read those poems and share them with their neighbors. Memorial Day Poetry portrays the sacrifices of each soldier and their efforts to save the freedom of the country. These poems for Memorial Day are available online in PDF format, images, and video format as well Few people were making these poem lines into songs. Memorial Day was observed as a three-day holiday. So it is found on the last Monday of the month every year. This is also starting a summer season, so they make a lot of programs relevant to 2024 Memorial Day and group gatherings.

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Memorial Day Poems

Memorial Day Poems

Memorial Day is celebrated in all schools with great enthusiasm. Many schools organize patriotic events to show gratitude towards the soldiers and veterans. In addition to it, several schools conduct special programs like poetry, speeches, and skits to boost the morale of the young generation and also to make them understand the huge sacrifices done by the soldiers.

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This act of bravery is much appreciated on Memorial Day through patriotic speeches. This will also encourage the younger generation to participate in the defense and other similar services for the nation’s well-being. They must also thank and address the fearless family of all the soldiers and veterans without their support nothing can be achieved. They have made a huge sacrifice for the country.

A Day to Remember

“There is a day we stop and remember,
The men who fought with bravery.
Those who shed their blood and lost their lives,
So our country could live in liberty.

There is a day we stop and remember
The colors that we love.
The red, white and blue of freedom,
That fit our country like a glove.

White for purity of purpose,
Red for valor during battle,
Blue for justice paid to those who threaten us,
Are the gifts our Lord blessed upon our men.

There is a day we stop and remember,
That our men have not died in vain.
For after every battle is won,
Our country’s standards reign.

Wave a flag,
Place a flower upon a grave,
Say a prayer of thanks on Memorial Day.
For the price of freedom was freely paid.”

Memorial Day Poetry

Memorial Day Poetry: People are participating in this particular Poetry to pay homage to their real heroes. People also visit the graveyards on Memorial Day where the soldiers were buried and decorate that place with flowers. This will show the citizen’s patriotism and love toward their country.

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Memorial Day Poetry

Memorial Day Poetry

“In Memory Of You
We want to always remember
The beautiful life you lived
And keep alive the memories we have
Through remembering what you did
For you’re so special to all of us,
A wonderful person indeed
Your love, laughter and warm smile
Reflected a heart that believed
Just in the everyday things we do
We remember your faith and love
In the words you spoke to help us through
Is a continued reminder for us
Although we miss you so very much
We know we’ll see you once more,
For this is the hope we have in God,
Being re-united in the Lord
And as we gather we’ll continue to share
Special times we went through,
For these are memories that warm our hearts
As we honour the memory of you.”

Memorial Day Prayers

Memorial Day prayers are held by the people for veterans and their family members. This prayer is about the sacrifice done by the people during the war and also for their lives. The prayer is all about Memorial Day heroes. Every year the prayers are held at all the churches located in the country.

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Memorial Day Prayers

Memorial Day Prayers

“Today we honor all of you,
Who served your country with pride,
You risked your life for all of us,
As you fought side by side.

Your strength and courage always showed,
No matter what the danger might be,
And you did all of this,
So that we could be free.

Thank you for what you’ve done,
And now we will all pray,
For each and everyone of you,
On this Memorial Day.”

Memorial Day 2024 Speeches

Teachers in school and fathers in Church give special Memorial Day Speeches. Students and other people also read some Memorial Day Essays and Quotes in public places or in front of their family members and relatives. It continued to be observed for more than 100 years. It shows the respect and love from the people for the military people for their sacrifice and hard work for the country. So, below we are providing you with some popular Memorial Day Speeches Essay and Quotes. Memorial Day is a national holiday in the USA, for paying homage to the army people.

Memorial Day Speeches

Memorial Day Speeches

Memorial Day speeches are an awesome way to tell stories related to patriotism and bravery. This will be loved by both youngsters as well as elders. This is another great way of thanking them for the selfless service and contributions that they have made to the people of the country. There are several Memorial Day speeches that can be easily accessed from the web. A good orator will make the audience glued with the brave Memorial Day speech. You can get Memorial Day-related documents like images, wallpapers, songs, and poems from our websites. This entire website is developed by us to serve the people who love the Memorial Day event.

Memorial Day Speeches

A people persecuted beyond imagination;
To help them he felt, was his obligation.
He joined the army in World War II;
Not knowing his hell would be Eyes of Blue.
When he reached Normandy, the beaches were red.
Crawling over his brothers who lay already dead.
To give this tyrant, this devil his due;
Not knowing his own demons, would be Eyes of Blue.
He rounded a building securing a town;
A young German soldier was just coming round.
He plunged his bayonet, the quicker of the two;
Killing the young soldier, with Eyes of Blue.
He knelt down beside him with tears in his eyes;
How long this moment would last, he did not realize.
He closed the eyes as he thought he should do;
Thinking never again to see those Eyes of Blue.
The victor over many in Germany and Japan;
It was always difficult taking life from a man.
None would haunt him, this he now knew;
As long as the soldier, with Eyes of Blue.
He died an old man, to heaven he went;
For this honorable soldier, mercy was sent.
First time since the war, so sad but true;
A peaceful sleep, not seeing Eyes of Blue.

Memorial Day Essay

Memorial Day Essay

Memorial Day Essay

Like many of us, I see efforts to separate God from country, and country from religion. I believe, like our nation’s founders that our land of America is a land under God, and that it is God who gave us this land where we are free to worship Him. I also believe that without God’s intervention our freedom would by now be lost. I dread the thought of the consequences we , as a nation, could face if we continue the ongoing efforts to disregard Him.
I tried, in writing this poem, to instill the importance of God to country.

The flag of our nation, a flag under God.
To our flag we will always be true.
Stand proud, stand tall with hand over heart,
as we honor the red, white, and blue.

A symbol of freedom. A banner for all
who reside underneath it’s proud wave.
Though battered and torn, shattered and worn,
It flies, o’er the home of the brave.

Stand proud, stand tall, with hand over heart,
with respect for this flag we so love.
May this land always be, strong and free,
and protected by God from above.

We are a proud nation. One under God.
It was He who gave us this land.
Free we remain, to praise His great name.
Rise up, and for God make a stand.

Our flag has flown high over battlefields.
Covered caskets of daughters and sons.
Great is the cost, through lives that are lost.
We’ll gratefully remember each one.

Stand proud, stand tall, with hand over heart,
with respect for this flag that we love.
May this land always be, strong and free,
and protected by God from above.

On Facebook, Memorial Day poems were posted by a few volunteers from the websites. Some of them try to write their poems and post them on Facebook accounts. Few of them organize cultural events on Memorial Day to serve the army people. The Memorial Day Poems, Prayers, Poetry, Speeches, Essay, and Quotes convey the emotions and patriotism of the soldiers who have served and lost their lives for the country. The images also come with Memorial Day lines which are taken from some famous poems.

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